Sometimes we are asked, “How do I properly measure my post?”  Or, “I have measured my post, but I am still not sure what size bollard cover I need, can you help me?”  Yes, yes we can!  We have a few options for you:

Watch Our Measuring Video

  • If you have a tape measure handy, we have two methods that we can recommend. The first would be for you to measure straight across the top of the pipe. This works best if the surface is flat and not over-filled with concrete. The second method would be to measure the circumference of your post and divide by pi (or 3.14). This will give you the true diameter and will make choosing your BollardGard easier. (Example: 14” circumference/3.14 = 4.46”; you will need our 4” bollard cover for your post.)
  • Another option would be to print our template at 100% and use it as a guide. Once you have printed the template, place it on the top of your pipe and follow the guides to determine your BollardGard size.  (This works best if your pipe is flat across the top and does not have doming from being filled with concrete.) Click here for our BollardGard Sizing Guide (PDF).
  • Or option three would be to contact us, and we will gladly provide you with sizing rings. Once you receive these rings, you can test them by dropping them over the top of your pipe.  Keep in mind that they may not be a tight fit – no worries!  All of our bollard covers come with gripper tabs or foam strips to secure the bollard cover in place!