BollardGard Sizing Kit Request

Complete the form below to receive a bollard cover Sizing Kit. Once you receive the kit you can use the tape measure to get an accurate circumference of your post.

The circumference is the measurement around the post.  Once you have the circumference, you then divide that number by pi, which is 3.14 to calculate the diameter.  For example, if your post measures 14.13” and you divide that by pi, you will get 4.5”, which means our 4” BollardGard bollard cover will work for your post because it has an inside dimension of 4.7”.

For your convenience/quick reference, we have created a chart so you can quickly determine what size bollard cover you need for your application.

Pipe OD Circumference What Size BollardGard Bollard Cover
4.5" 14.13" 4" (4.7” ID) BollardGard
6.625" (6-5/8") 20.8" 7" (7.125” ID ) BollardGard
7" 21.98" 7" (7.125” ID) BollardGard
8.625" (8-5/8") 27.08" 8" (9.125” ID) BollardGard
10.75" (10-3/4") 33.76" 11" (11.125” ID) BollardGard
12.75" (12-3/4") 40.04" 13" (13.125” ID) BollardGard


All of our bollard covers come with gripper tabs or foam strips to secure the bollard cover in place!

Complete the form below to receive your kit and start measuring now!

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