Work Zone Safety Month

April is National Safety Month, this year we're proud to stand in support of ATSSA's efforts for Work Zone Awareness.

2016 Safety Awareness

For many parts of the country spring is also construction season, and while most accidents involve drivers and passengers, the addition of road crews adds a new element to potential accidents. While researchers are working on creating roads, bridges, and signs that will require less maintenance and fewer repairs, drivers still need to use safe driving practices to ensure the safety of themselves as well as the road crews.

To help protect these crews and the work they do we've recently introduced a new line of delineators in our online store. These posts provide a great way to temporarily redirect both pedestrian and vehicular traffic through construction sites as well as parking garages and parking lots. Although we're always on the lookout for products that can make dangerous situations safer we also believe in your ability to prevent dangerous situations from occurring in the first place.

That's why we'd like to offer our top 5 tips for keeping work zones safe, this month, and every month

1. Expect the unexpected - be prepared for traffic jams, unexpected lane shifts, and reduced speed. By being vigilant in your observations you can prevent the need to react quickly to unexpected situations. Being a calm and collected driver is always safest.

2. Slow Down - Speed is the major cause of most work zone accidents. A slower speed will allow you more reaction time and the ability to make safer decisions when the unexpected happens.

3. Change lanes only when necessary - Work zones often mean restricted space whether on the should or in the lane itself.  Maintaining your lane helps provide an adequate amount of space between your vehicle and other motorist and provides safe spaces for road crews as well.

4. Minimize distractions - keeping distractions to a minimum means no talking on the phone, texting, changing the radio station etc. By keeping your attention on the road you provide yourself with the best opportunity to react safely to any changes in driving conditions.

5. Watch for the orange - Orange flags, barrels, signs, and delineators signal work zones. Keeping an eye out for orange will alert you to the presence of a work zone before you enter it. Being ready to enter that work zone will prepare you for the presence of construction works and possible changes in traffic speed and pattern.

Keep these 5 tips in mind to maintain a safe and efficient construction season for yourself and those who help maintain your roads.

Remember no one speeds through your office at 70mph, so please don't speed through theirs.

If you'd like to learn more about our new delineators you can read all about them on our website