Winter preparations

Summer is winding down, apples are showing up, and Halloween costumes are being planned, which means now is the time for facility managers to start winter preparations. Snow and ice might seem far off, but preparing for the inevitable ahead of time is a much easier process that reacting in the midst of an emergency. A little bit of planning now can help prevent a big headache later. So let's take a look at some easy prep work to make this winter season a breeze.

Equipment Inventory

Take an inventory of all equipment on hand prior to the start of winter, make sure to record model and serial numbers. Having this information on hand and readily accessible will make dealing with recalls and repairs a much simpler task. Once you've compiled your inventory you can assess if there are any repairs that need to be made, or any equipment that should be replaced prior to the start of the season. Keeping a log of odometer readings and run hours can help plan for scheduled maintenance and decisions about replacing equipment. Dealing with planned expenses is always preferable to surprise ones.

Building Prep

After you've taken stock of your equipment and planned for necessary repairs, it's time to take a look at your building. A walk around the building to turn off and drain all outdoor spigots can prevent freezing pipes throughout the winter and hosing out and clearing away debris from all air conditioning units can help ensure a fully functional unit next summer. A quick check of all facility doors for a proper close and latch can help save money in heating costs for the coming winter, not to mention keeping the facility safe from unwanted guests. If you plan to make use of a snow removal service, now is the time to make sure your contract is in place. Regardless of whether you will take care of snow removal in house or another company will be taking care of it for you, it's important to mark out driveways and parking lots with snow stakes and clearly indicate where snow can be dumped. Shop online for 48'' orange driveway markers.

When the snow flies

As the snow starts to make regular appearances it's important to plan for weather fluctuation, sunny mornings followed by blustery afternoons can cause all kinds of chaos. So, plan to keep ahead of freeze and thaw cycles by applying deicers before snow arrives in order to have a clear pavement base. That clear base can help shave time off of snow removal, but be sure to budget realistic and sufficient time for preparation as well as removal. Even after snow has been removed its a good idea to provide mats and create a transitional area inside of each door to prevent slips and falls due to wet floors.

Once the floors are dried and all the snow from the storm has melted, we recommend taking a few moments to evaluate what worked well and what could use some improvement. This quick recap can help make your next winter encounter even more successful and provide a firm foundation for facing all of the snow and ice to come.

Do you have other tips that help make winter prep a snap? We'd love to hear them!