Why choose bollard covers

The first years you get them, they look flawless, they make your place look well maintained and well put together. What happens after a couple of years in the wheather? Bollards are a pain to maintain. Year after year painting will need to be done, cracking, and chipping are the most common with the concrete bollards. The make shift steel pipe that you have as a bollards are looking rusty and tattered. What can you do? Bollard Covers >>

Bollard Covers give flexibility and variety for integrating bollards into existing architectural and landscaping designs. If you have old bollards that are in need of face lift, bollard covers are a cost effective way to improve their looks and minimize the amount maintenance for their upkeep.

Polyethylene bollard covers minimize risk of damage to vehicles in high traffic areas and are available in bright colors to increase visibility. These bollard covers are a low cost option for refacing steel bollards. They are availble in a variety of colors and may also have custom logos or others signage built into the covers.

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