Why Bollard Covers?

Painting those bollards outside of your building takes time, yearly maintance, an employee who doesn't do a good job. So instead of painting those bollards think about bollard covers.

Bollard covers are polyethylene slipcovers that easily slide onto an existing bollard. Bollard covers enhance and protect the appearance of steel bumper post. They can be used indoors or out for aesthetics and/or protection.

The multitude of bollard cover colors, reflective tape options, and the ability to customize all orders, makes Innoplast's Bollard Covers our first choice in bollard covers.

Innoplast's bollard covers also has exclusive gripper tabs for unbelievably easy 1-2-3 installation. To make things even easier, there are not cutting charges. Innoplast stocks, cuts, packs and ships from their facility. Whether you buy direct from Innoplast, or one of their qualified distributors, you get the same fast service, excellent value and no extra charges!