Where In The World Is BollardGard?

Where in the world is BollardGard?  Have you ever wondered that?  We do.  We sell thousands of bollard covers every week, but in all honesty, sometimes it is a mystery as to where they end up.

Who buys BollardGard?

When customers place an order they provide us a ship to address, but that does not necessarily mean that is where the bollard cover will be installed.  Not only do we work with direct customers, but we also work with large corporations and mass merchants. They will sometimes bring inventory into a main warehouse and then distribute the covers as they are needed for remodels or new builds.

Distributors are a big part of our business too.  Not only can distributors dropship orders direct to their customer, but they can also stock inventory. They will stock inventory in their warehouse so they can repack and ship the bollard covers with other items they sell or have them on-hand for customer pickups.

Let’s not forget about contractors.  They may be planning ahead, storing the bollard covers at their yard so they have them readily available when it is time to close out the job.  Doing this will ensure they meet their final closeout date.

Where is BollardGard?

Don’t get me wrong, we know where a lot of them go, but when it is purchased through one of these other channels we honestly may not know their final destination.  That is what makes us wonder, where in the world is BollardGard?

Here is what we do know.  We have shipped to every state in the US, including Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.  We have shipped to several different countries such as the United Kingdom, Australia, Israel, United Arab Emirates, Caribbean, and British Virgin Islands! We find this fascinating and hope you do too!   

Do you know where in the world BollardGard is?  Tell us!  Let us know if you see them in your travels.  Better yet, snap a photo of the covers.  Share them with us, even if we have mentioned the location above.  We would love for you to share photos of them with us along with where you had spotted them!  Send them to blong@innoplast.com!  We look forward to hearing where in the world YOU have spotted BollardGard!