What is HDPE

We talk an awful lot about our BollardGard post covers being manufactured from HDPE, but what exactly is HDPE and what benefit does the material offer our bollard covers?
First of all, HDPE stands for high density polyethylene - a thermoplastic, which means that the material can be recycled by being melted and remolded. Using materials that can easily be recycled is important to us for two reasons: One, we like that the material is able to have a life after its BollardGard duties are fulfilled, and two, the fact that the material can be melted and remolded also means that any leftover material from production can be reground and put into future covers. Less waste means we can keep prices low for our customers. More often than not our HDPE covers are recycled into black tubing which is buried and used for transporting water.

HDPE pipes are frequently used in underground applications because they are able to withstand high temperatures, as well as dampen and absorb shock waves which makes it a perfect material for our bollard covers. This ability to easily absorb shock waves allows the cover to absorb impact from vehicles without cracking while still maintaining the proper shape.

The durability of HDPE doesn't come at the cost of weight, which is a huge benefit to our covers! Because they are light weight installation is easy and can be performed by almost anyone. Once your covers are installed they are resistant to rust and corrosion. This means that salt treating your parking lot or side walk for winter safety won’t cause the breakdown of your post covers.

A lot of thought goes in to selecting the best material for our products and providing the greatest benefit to our customers with those choices. That's why we're big fans of HDPE and love seeing the way our post covers can both beautify and protect our customers' facilities.