What Is And Why Use A Bollard Cover?

What is a bollard cover?

A bollard cover is a sleeve that slides over an existing post. These sleeves are used to protect and cover dirty or rusty posts and improve their appearance.  Bollard covers can be made out of many materials, anything from stainless steel to, nylon to plastic.  Innoplast’s BollardGard bumper posts are made from high density polyethylene aka HDPE and low density polyethylene aka LDPE. These type of plastic covers are our most popular style. And safety yellow is by far the most popular color.  The bright safety yellow is a favorite because it stands out the most and lets the motorist know to take caution in that area.

Why use a bollard cover?

Good question, why should you use a bollard cover?

No more painting

One reason to use bollard covers is because you eliminate the need to paint. No more mess, no more cleanup.  Just slide the cover over your existing post.

Saves time

Sliding a bollard cover over your existing pipe is much quicker than painting.  With our patented gripper tabs, our bollard covers quickly and easily install over your existing post. Just remove the backing from the gripper tabs, apply them with the “fingers” facing down, and slide your cover over top.  In just seconds you are done.  It really is that easy!

Save money

The installation is so quick that installing a bollard cover will save you hours of labor that you would have been spending for painting.  Also, bollard covers will last much longer than paint, plus we warranty them for 5-years against cracking and fading.

If a car door comes into contact with a painted bollard it could not only leave paint on the customers car door, but it will also make your bollards look scratched and you will see the rusty metal. Once you see that rusty bollard under the paint you would need to paint again, costing you even more in labor.  If a car door comes into contact with a plastic bollard cover, it not only will provide protection for the customer’s car door, but you will not see the rusty bollard underneath.  You will still see the color of the bollard cover.

Color options

The vast variety of colors allows you options to choose from, so you can match your corporate colors, or ensure you are increasing visibility and safety with a bright color. Post sleeves quickly and easily dress up and improve the appearance of rusty steel pipe.

Variety of styles

There are several different design styles that you can choose from. Reflective bollards, round top bollards, square bollards, decorative bollards, padded nylon bollards or stainless steel bollard covers.

Why choose Innoplast?

We have lots of options, most items are in stock and will ship out within 1-4 business days, we have a great customer service team that can answer your questions and supply you with technical data.  You have the option to place an order over the phone with a customer service representative at 800-516-9287, online through our website, or you can send us an email at sales@innoplast.com and we will follow up with you within 24 hours.  And our reputation, just listen to what our past customers have had to say!

We look forward to helping you with your next bollard cover request!