Increase Warehouse Safety with Bollards, Parking Blocks and Column Protectors

I think most warehouse managers would agree that there is no more valuable asset than their team, however all of the inventory on their racks would have to rank a close second. So what are you doing to help safeguard both of those precious commodities? Here are our 5 tips for tow-motor and rack safety.

1. Continued training for tow-motor and fork lift drivers. No matter how proficient we are at our jobs everyone could use a refresher now and again. These courses can help keep safety at the forefront of everyone's mind and prevent dangerous behavior due to complacency.

Tow motor

2. Protect your rack uprights from damage - the lower 5 feet of your rack are the most vulnerable to damage - and continued damage here could set up a potentially catastrophic accident. There are a variety of products available to help protect your racks from bollards and parking blocks to Sentry Rack products.

Sentry Rack

These products can help prevent collisions with racks and cushion the impact if they do occur.

3. Practice good housekeeping and keep aisles clear. Clear aisles mean less obstacles and a reduced risk of accidents. Although it may take a few extra minutes to put something back in its correct space it can save major repair costs and material loss by avoiding accidents.


4. Keep racks properly balanced. By ensuring the load is evenly distributed on your racks, you can help prevent tipping and collapse in the event that an accident does occur.


5. Regular Rack inspection - Despite the fact that you've enrolled your employees in continuing education, used bollards, sentry rack, or other similar products to protect your rack legs, and cleared out the aisles of any potential obstacles accidents can still happen. Be sure to regularly inspect your racks to check for any damage. Being proactive and finding and repairing damage before it becomes a problem is a much better approach than dealing with the clean-up of a collapse.

What are your best tips for maintaining a safe and productive warehouse?