Update Your Car Wash with Innoplast Post Covers

Sometimes it's the simple changes that make a world of difference. That's why we love to see how our customers use our products. The great folks over at Simple Safety Supply were generous enough to send the before and after photos of a recent car wash upgrade they completed.

The Tagg n Go Car Wash was looking pretty good with their coordinated color scheme and new equipment.

Car wash before bollard covers

But Kellee and Lyle at Simple Safety Supply had an idea to take things up just a notch. The addition of some post covers added a splash of yellow and a dose of protection for freshly cleaned vehicles. The addition of the bollard covers helped prevent dings and dents from doors bumping into the steel bollards used to protect the cleaning equipment. And while the installation had a very practical goal we think it also upped the aesthetic appeal as well.

car wash after bollard covers

car wash after bollardgard

Thanks so much for sharing your photos Kellee and Lyle. They look great! If you'd like to see what post covers options might work for your facility you can do that here. Or if you'd like to send us some photos of your installation and tell us how our products have been used on your project you can do that here.