Time for an Upgrade?

We've seen some scary post covers in our day, and will Halloween just around the corner we understand the appeal of spooky. But, sometimes you have to draw the line when it comes to safety at your facility.


If you're sporting some scary bollards like these it's time to stop passing them off as Halloween decorations, it's time for an upgrade.

No matter how spooky your current situation is we've definitely got a product or two to help you elevate your curb appeal. Got an old traffic cone covering up some chipped bollards? Our BollardGard comes in a range of sizes to fit just about any post and is even available in orange with white reflective so you don't have to give up the color scheme of your traffic cone.

Think that old shopping cart and some caution tape will keep folks away from your parking lot hazard, or that chunk of concrete with sticky letters really gets your message out there? We've got a better option than those terrifying inventions - how about a BollardGard Anywhere?

May 27 No parking

It's much easier to transport than that old bucket of concrete and our reflective lettering options make it much easier to read than stick on letters from the hardware store.

We know that sometimes you find yourself in a bind and need a quick fix so you use what's at hand, but most products leave our warehouse in 1-2 business days and we can accommodate overnight and guaranteed shipments so you never have to use a traffic cone as a post cover. Let us help you turn spooky into spectacular!