Supporting The Greater Cleveland Food Bank

As year three of our 1% in November campaign roles on we count ourselves fortunate to be able to help provide for those in need. The ability to do that is a testament to our customers loyalty to our company and our products, and for that we thank you. We also want you to know that when you purchase from us during our 1% in November drive that our donation, and yours if you decide to contribute directly,is going to a responsible and worthwhile organization.

The Greater Cleveland Food Bank is on the front lines of combating hunger in Northeast Ohio.  They are able to do this through a community food distribution center, helping to support over 800 local food pantries, hot meal programs, programs for the elderly, and other nonprofit agencies. Those programs helped serve 45 million meals this year. All those meals are going to serve a variety of people: 28% of whom are children and 18% of households being served contain a veteran or active duty service member. These families are having to make some tough choices on how to make ends meet when it comes to their nutritional needs: 62% of them are having to choose between paying for food or medication and 54% are choosing between paying for food or housing. The Greater Cleveland Food Bank is helping prevent families from needing to make those choices, and is doing so with great responsibility. For every dollar donated the food bank is able to provide four nutritious meals, making the most out of every donation. A majority of the pantries and hot food programs supported by the Greater Cleveland Food Bank are staffed entirely by volunteers and have no paid staff, keeping costs low so more of your donations can go toward providing food, and the organization has received a Charity Navigator 4 Star Rating due to its financial responsibility, accountability, and transparency.

We're so excited to work with this organization for this year's 1% in November and strongly encourage you to place your end of year order this month or consider donating directly to the Greater Cleveland Food Bank.