Summer Road Trips

Summer is finally here and for many of us that means family vacations and road trips are in full swing. While we often think of safety at our destination: water, sun, insects, and illness, we often gloss over keeping safe on our journey. We think getting there safely is just as important as staying safe at your destination, that's why we love to provide articles like our tips for Summer Road Trips.

This year we'd like to talk about toll road safety, specifically toll  booth safety. Most of us think of toll booths as a bottle neck on our trip preventing us from getting where we want to go. While the wait time to pass through the gate may delay us slightly it's also important to remember that this location is a prime spot for fender benders. While they usually don't result in injuries they can sure put a damper on your vacation.

So here are 5 tips for safety in toll booth areas:

  1. Reduce speed when entering the toll booth area - most zones have a posted speed limit
  2. Come to a full stop when paying tolls and interacting with turnpike employees
  3. Choose the correct lane for payment with EZ-Pass, SunPass, etc. or cash
  4. Be alert to employees on foot in the toll booth area
  5. Be aware of vehicles making last minute lane changes

Even if you're driving safely and following all the tips and tricks you know, it doesn't mean that other drivers are doing the same, that's why we've created our padded gate arm guards.

Our padded covers are designed to prevent dents and scratches to your vehicle should you encounter a bit of a run in with the arm. The 1/2" foam creates a cushion to prevent dings and dents, while the nylon rip-stop fabric can provide protection against scratches to your vehicle's paint. The reflective material located at either end of the cover increases gate arm visibility during low light hours or in reduced viability weather creating a safer toll booth. While we hope your travels are safe and incident free we know that accidents happen, contact us today to see how we can make summer road trips safer together.