Study Results Show Companies Pay Too Much for Bollard Covers Designed to Protect Facilities

According to a new study, building owners and managers pay more than necessary for bollard covers. The study duplicated exposure to intense heat, moisture and UV light on bollard covers.

Innoplast’s durable BollardGard™ scored well in long-term independent lab tests. The results show that BollardGard is available at half the cost of a leading competitor’s product.

Innoplast’s BollarGard offers a much better value compared to a leading competitor, said Rick Raymond, Innoplast president. Innoplast led the industry by offering a 5-year warranty against fading and cracking.

Akron Rubber Development Laboratory (ARDL) conducted long-term performance testing of BollardGard and compared it to the competitor’s bollard cover. ARDL, accredited by A2LA, followed ASTM industry standards with QUV Weathering and Gardner Impact Resistance

BollardGard retained all of its strength and color even after being subjected to extreme conditions. The competitor’s product performed well, but it costs twice as much, Raymond said.

“Companies can save a considerable amount of money by being careful with their purchases,” he said. “Why should businesses stretch their budgets for other products if durability isn’t an issue?”

BollardGard offers facility owners and managers peace of mind because they know bollard covers will last, Raymond said. Increase your facility visibility and reduce maintenance costs (no need for scraping and painting).

For more information regarding the bollard cover independent study, please visit the Innoplast website.