Stay Safe this Winter with Fiberglass Driveway Markers

As winter progresses and the snow becomes a greater factor in your daily commute, keeping yourself safe while driving is an ever increasing thought. Snow-filled driveways and parking lots can be a mess to clear and maintain, especially as vehicles are making way through them and snow plows are lining the street to keep drivers safe.

Fiberglass Driveway Markers help to ease the mess that the snow brings by providing a solution to show where driveways and parking lots begin or end, and guide vehicles in the correct direction. Fiberglass driveway markers are commonly used to line driveway edges, lanes, parking lots, and mark areas that have hidden objects, making them ideal for snow removal guides and driveway boundaries.

Innoplast 48” Fiberglass Driveway Markers are more durable than wood markers, can be reused season after season, and are an effective way to protect your property and maintain safety through the winter. The bright orange rod has a band of white reflective tape, which helps increase visibility during the day and night, and the tip is pointed for easy installation when hammered into the ground. Round Black or Orange vinyl caps complete the look and safety of the rods, as they increase visibility and reduce the risk of hitting objects that have been covered with snow.

Begin creating a safer driving experience this winter by marking out your parking lot or driveway , placing stakes every 10-15 feet. Innoplast wants you to stay safe this snowy time of year and we are here to help you do so!

To learn more about how Innoplast can help you prepare for winter weather, call us at 800-516-9287 or contact us online.

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