Innoplast Parking Blocks for Pedestrian and Motorist Safety

The holiday season has arrived, which means more people will be venturing out to do their holiday shopping. More people out holiday shopping mean busy parking lots. Busy parking lots mean an increase in the number of accidents.

Innoplast wants to help you prevent these accidents from happening with our Parking Lot & Garage safety products. If you’re looking for a product that is cost effective, simple to install, and gets the job done, our new line of Ultra Parking Blocks is a great place to start. Our Ultra Parking Blocks are light weight, easy to install, and available in a variety of colors and sizes. The different colors allow you to color code your parking spaces and make it easy for shoppers to see where they are permitted to park. Parking blocks work well as bumpers too. A distracted driver may forget to put their vehicle into park. A parking block will help stop the slow rolling vehicle or will alert the distracted driver with a “bump” so they know they need to pay closer attention. These measures will hopefully prevent the motorist from hitting a person or another vehicle.

In addition to our parking blocks, our delineators are a great choice to help guide your holiday traffic. Park Sentry is also available to protect your columns from chipping due to door dings. These safety measures and precautions, when implemented correctly, help to keep patrons safe and can make getting in and out of your store a hassle-free experience. Parking lots are a central hub of activity, and accidents happen if safety measures aren’t taken. So, whichever method you choose, be proactive and prevent accidents before they occur.

Keep your shoppers safe this holiday season with Innoplast Parking Lot & Garage safety products. Shop with us today!