Stay Ahead of the Cold and Snow: Begin Preparing for Winter

As far off as it may seem, winter is coming fast – meaning it is time to start preparing your facility for inevitable cold winter days and snowstorms.

While winter can cause a mess of streets, driveways, and parking lots, Innoplast has solutions to help keep your facility safe and protected through snow buildup and ice damage. Here are a few tips to help keep your facility, drivers, and pedestrians safe this winter:

Use Fiberglass Driveway Markers to protect snow-covered areas
Fiberglass Driveway Markers help to ease the mess that the snow brings by providing a solution to show where driveways and parking lots begin or end, and guide vehicles in the correct direction. These flexible and durable driveway markers are great for marking obstacles that can be covered by snow and areas of avoidance for snow plows, and are commonly used to line driveway edges, lanes, parking lots, and mark areas that have hidden objects, making them ideal for snow removal guides and driveway boundaries.

The 4.25” reflective band makes the marker visible even in low light situations and the pointed tip of the marker creates easy installation in all climates (although we recommend installing them prior to the first snow and the ground freezing). Caps for the top are sold separately in black or orange to quickly and easily cover the top to give a finished look. Not to mention, this great product is made in America!

Tip: Place stakes every 10-15 feet of your protected area to create a safer driving experience this winter.

Remove Speed Bumps to help ensure a long product life and protect pedestrians
Speed Bumps are a great way to improve traffic safety as they help to reduce motorists speed. However, they should be removed prior to the snowy season to protect the product and pedestrians. By creating a smooth surface for plows, you'll help decrease the risk of falls and unseen obstacles that drivers will need to navigate.

Tip: To easily remove the asphalt spikes or lag bolts used to secure the speed bump to the surface, use a crowbar to slowly lift the asphalt spikes out of the ground, or just unscrew the lag bolts and remove the speed bump. Learn more about speed bump removal in our blog Speed Bumps and Snow Removal.

Don’t worry about removing Bollard Covers – they are durable to below freezing temperatures
Bollard Covers do not need to be removed before freezing temperatures hit, as they are designed to last through low temperatures without cracking or fading. Watch our video Bollard Covers Tested in Cleveland's Winter Conditions for further proof of Bollard Covers surviving freezing temperatures.

Tip: Keep Bollard Covers clean from snow, salt, and debris by simply using warm soapy water to wipe down the entire bollard cover, then dry with a rag. The HDPE plastic used in our products is easy to clean!

Begin creating a safer driving experience this winter with Innoplast. We want you to stay safe this snowy time of year and we are here to help you do so! To learn more about how Innoplast can help you prepare for winter weather, call us at 800-516-9287 or contact us online.