Spring Speed Bumps

We've talked about the importance of removing your speed bumps, both plastic and rubber, here before; and like all good facility managers you always remember to remove your speed bumps before the first snow fall. No one is going to show up to your facility and be surprised with a scene like this, because some one forgot to take up the speed bumps before the snow plow arrived.

Plastic speed bumps

Eventually though, the snow melts and the forecast pushes the next predicted snow into next winter rather than next week, that's when you know it's truly time to get to those spring projects.  Re-installing those speed bumps is often at the top of facility managers' To Do lists. So here's a brief reminder of how to get your plastic or rubber speed bumps back into your parking lot. You can always check out our installation instructions for plastic speed bumps here or our installation instructions for rubber speed bumps here, but we thought a reminder of a few key steps could be helpful.

As melting snow piles create streams of water across your parking lot it's exceptionally important to make sure your installation site is dry and clear of any debris. Whether you're installing your speed bumps on asphalt or concrete a clean, dry surface will make your installation both faster and more secure. Water in your hardware holes can lead to cracked pavement and loose speed bumps, which could mean costly repairs to your parking lot.

Be sure to mark your holes prior to drilling. Although you may have installed hundreds of speed bumps in your day it's still important to mark the holes through the pre-drilled spaces on the speed bumps. This will ensure that everything lines up correctly and your speed bumps can be installed quickly and without incident.

Don't over tighten. We all want to make sure our speed bumps are installed securely but over tightening won't provide any extra security. What it may do is damage the bump and void the warranty.

Remembering to re-install your speed bumps each spring makes for a safer and better looking facility. Who wouldn't want to arrive to speed bumps looking like this?!

Plastic Speed Bump