Spring Clean-up

With spring around the corner and grey skies finally giving way to sun, this is the perfect time of year to begin planning spring clean-up and exterior maintenance. Every facility manager and business owner likes to make a good first impression, we hope the few tips below will help you do just that.

After the last snow has melted is a great time to give your parking lot a professional cleaning. Snow plows can bring in a variety of dirt and other debris, a good sweeping will prevent those materials from being brought inside the building as well as working their way into the asphalt and causing cracks and potholes down the line. A clean and debris free parking lot also helps provide clear runoff for water and prevent the clogging of drains.

Take time to take care of the details. Winter is mainly a time of snow removal and keeping floors clean and dry. The spring is a chance to take stock of what will need to be repaired, replaced or cleaned. Did your snow stakes make it through the winter or were they damaged by plowing this year?

fiberglass driveway markers

Have your bollard covers become dirty from snow and slush? They can be quickly cleaned with a solution of diluted soap and water to remove salt and dirt.

snow covered bollard covers

Spring is also the time to plan for any new purchases needed for your facility. This should be done as early in the year as possible to allow enough time for researching new products, shipping any products that need to be ordered, and installing new products at your facility.

Speaking of new products, this spring we're excited to introduce a new size clearance bar that we hope can be of use at your facility. Our traditional ClearanceGard Clearance Bar has been an 4.95" outside diameter and has been extremely versatile in its installations due to its large variety of length and color options.


Last year we began offering our Economy Clearance Bar an open ended bar available in yellow with varying lengths.

hardware close up

This year we're introducing a new larger diameter of our ClearanceGard Clearance Bar. This bar has an outside diameter of 7.35" and is available in the same range of colors as our BollardGard Bollard Covers. Standard lengths are the same as our 4" diameter:  104" and 120" but a quick call or e-mail to our office will allow you to customize the bars to your specific door opening. This new, larger diameter could be just the product you're looking for if your facility routinely deals with large vehicle traffic.

We know that spring is a busy time of year for facility managers and business owners and we're hopeful these tips and our new products can help make your spring clean up quick and easy!