Speed bumps and snow removal

With snow falling all around us in the Midwest and the ever present task of plowing the parking lot and driveway, we thought it a good time to remind you that speed bumps should be removed prior to plowing.

Innoplast speed bumps

Although our speed bumps can certainly take a beating, removing them prior to plowing will help ensure a long life. Simply remove the asphalt spikes or lag bolts used to secure the speed bump to the surface and store for the winter.  If your speed bumps were installed with asphalt spikes a crowbar will help you slowly lift the spikes out of the ground. If you used lag bolts just unscrew the lag bolts and remove the speed bump.

In addition to prolonging the life of your speed bumps you'll help create a safer facility for the winter months by removing them. As snow falls the bumps can be covered and become invisible to  both pedestrians and motorists posing a tripping hazard or potentially a car accident. By creating a smooth surface for plows you'll help decrease the risk of falls and unseen obstacles that drivers will need to navigate. Make sure to protect your investment a well as those who frequent your facility by remembering to remove your speed bumps prior to plowing.