Remove Speed Bumps Before Snow Plowing

As a property owner or business owner in a cold weather state, you are familiar with prepping for winter during the later months of the year. Preparing your parking lot or driveway for plowing is an important part of the process. So remember, speed bumps should be removed prior to plowing.

Innoplast speed bumps remove for snow plowing removal

Why Should You Remove Speed Bumps in the Winter?

Although our speed bumps can certainly take a beating, removing them prior to snow plowing will help ensure a long life. Simply remove the asphalt spikes or lag bolts used to secure the bump to the surface. Then, safely store them for the winter. If you installed your bumps with asphalt spikes, use a crowbar to slowly lift the spikes out of the ground. If you used lag bolts, just unscrew the lag bolts and remove the bump.

Benefits of Removing Speed Bumps Before Snow Plowing

One of the most important benefits of removing your speed bumps before plowing is that it will prolong product life. Plus, you will also help create a safer facility for the winter months by removing them. Snow may cover the bumps during the winter, which can make them invisible to both pedestrians, motorists and snow plow operators. This can cause a tripping hazard or potentially a car accident. By creating a smooth surface for plows, you'll help decrease the risk of falls and unseen obstacles that drivers will need to avoid.

Avoid Accidents By Planning Ahead

Make sure to protect your investment, as well as those who frequent your facility, by remembering to remove your speed bumps prior to snow plowing. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding your speed bumps, or if you would like to learn other tips for winterizing your business or property. Our team will be happy to assist you!