Share the Road: Staying Safe During Summer

Every summer, as the warmer weather draws people outside, you may notice more motorcycles and bicycles on the road  with your vehicle. Please keep in mind that while you are in the safety of your own car, those on bikes face many dangers. Tips to keep everyone safe include:

  • Look before you turn, checking blind spots often.
  • Check the mirror! When backing out it is easy to miss smaller profile vehicles.
  • Be patient, and do not pass a cyclist until you can safely do so.
  • Have respect for all others you share the road with. The person under the helmet could be your family, your friend, or your neighbor.

At Innoplast, we offer a variety of traffic control products to help keep you and cyclists safe!

To control rates of speed in and around your business consider a durable product with easy installation with our speed bumps, or speed humps.

Limiting speed and directing the flow of traffic with delineators keeps you, your business, and visitors to your property safe. Our products come in a variety of styles, colors, and materials so you can be sure we will fulfill your parking lot and bike lane safety needs.

Another great option to consider are bike bollards. These multi-purpose bollards work well in a variety of environments and can be used, not only as a traffic barrier, but also allow for cyclists to lock their bikes to the sturdy steel frame –

June 20 2016 FBB-3636-S21-89x300For more information on safely sharing the road this summer, and all year round, read tips from our National Bike Month blog or visit the following resources: