School Parking Lot Safety

It's been a while since we've done an installment of our 5 Tips series and we thought that back to school might be the right time to remind ourselves and our readers of 5 important parking lot safety tips. These ideas will help keep all of us: parents, young children, and teen drivers safe not just during the school year but all year.

1. Remember to obey all curb markings.
  White - Stop only long enough to drop off or pick-up passengers
  Yellow - Stop only long enough to load or unload car, do not leave your vehicle
  Red - Do NOT park, stand, or stop
  Blue - Parking is reserved only for person with disabilities

2. Always stop for school buses with flashing lights, flashing lights mean children are loading or unloading from the bus.

3. Remember to check your gear when parking and exiting your vehicle. An automatic vehicle should be in park with the emergency brake on. A manual vehicle should be in reverse if facing downhill or in 1st gear if facing uphill.

4. Teen drivers learn how to behave behind the wheel mostly from their parents. A survey conducted by All-State found that 80% of teens report their parents as their biggest influence on driving habits.

5. Remember to be a safe pedestrian - don't text or check your phone while walking through the parking long - be aware of your surroundings.