Safety While Traveling with Innoplast Bollard Sleeves

Summer is upon us and with that being said; traveling may be in our future.  One of the biggest concerns we have when we travel is safety.  Things like, is our car in good working order?  Will it get us from point A to point B? Is the hotel where we are staying in a safe area so our family can roam freely?  Is the food safe to eat or drink?  Do I have all of our emergency contacts on speed dial? Or maybe it is something as simple as, did I bring enough sunscreen and water so no one gets burnt or dehydrated?

These are all great things that we should definitely think about when travelling this summer, but there are a few things out there that you may not even notice that are protecting your family too.

For instance, if you will be driving for your vacation you will need to fill your gas tank at some point.  The straight bollards and u-bollards that are around the pumps are there to prevent careless drivers from striking you and the gas pump, preventing a potentially dangerous situation.

U-Bollard at Gas Station Protecting Pump and Bollard with Bollard Sleeves Protection Gas Station Stainless U-Bollard & Straight Bollards with Bollard Sleeves


If you are staying in a hotel, the large light post with security cameras in the hotel parking lot where you are staying for the summer may go unnoticed until you need to run out to your car in the middle of the night to grab your child’s favorite forgotten teddy bear.  You will be grateful the light is shining bright so you can make sure you find your car with no issue while staying aware of your surroundings.


Parking Lot with Bright Lights Lighted Parking Lot


Let’s not forget to mention those large bollards you have to maneuver your suitcase between before entering the airport terminal. These beauties are in place as barriers to protect you and other pedestrians from distracted drivers or vehicle terrorist attacks on the airport.


Large Blue Bollards at Airport Terminal Decorative Bollards at Airport Terminal


There are many other safety features out there that you may not think about that are protecting you and your family while traveling.  We want you to continue thinking about your regular safety list, but know there are many other people and products that are helping you keep your family safe while traveling.  Stay safe and enjoy your travels.