Include Innoplast Traffic Delineators on Your Back-to-School List

Back-to-school season is here, and with that comes the need to keep pedestrians, drivers, and the roads safe. Roads surrounding schools can get busy during the school year - from crowded sidewalks and parking lots, to busy pick-up and drop-off areas..  Keep your school campus and surrounding neighborhood safe this year with traffic delineators from Innoplast.

Innoplast’s Multipurpose Traffic Delineators are a great way to guide pedestrian and motorist traffic around parking lots. They are designed to handle high traffic areas with an incredibly durable and flexible spring assembly sustaining impacts at 50 MPH with little damage to the product or impacted vehicle. Innoplast’s Fixed Multipurpose Posts, for permanent installation, and Quick Release Multipurpose Posts, for emergency access, are an ideal solution for exit lane delineation, urban turn restrictions,  or anywhere that  high performance channelization is required. Our Multipurpose Post’s patented reactive spring system ensures the post will return to its original position impact after impact, reducing replacement costs and helping to keep your school areas safe and protected.

Innoplast’s traffic delineator posts can be paired with our 2-sided Pedestrian Signs to create a safe environment for both vehicles and pedestrians.  The 2-sided Pedestrian Signs  are a perfect solution for crosswalk identification. They provide awareness at un-signalized intersections in order to alert motorists to local laws concerning stopping for pedestrians in crosswalks. In fact, independent testing has repeatedly found distinct changes in driver behavior after installation of these signs, proving that they are effective  when used for safety purposes.  Pedestrian Signs are equipped with an anti-twist reactive spring system that rebounds to its upright position after being struck, making for a versatile and sturdy solution to road and pedestrian safety.

Start your school year off safe with Innoplast products. We hope everyone has a healthy, safe, and happy start to a great new school year!

traffic delineator posts

Multipurpose Traffic Delineator Yield to Pedestrian Sign in Road