Safety Bollards: Frequently Asked Questions

Row of Yellow Innoplast Safety Bollards in a Variety of Sizes

Our safety bollards deter common warehouse accidents from occurring and reduce damage to structures and equipment if they do occur. We often receive common questions regarding our bollards and how to utilize them. See our recommendations below.

Where Should We Use Safety Bollards?

Safety bollards are not only effective in industrial settings, but also in public spaces to demarcate unsafe areas. So, they are an invaluable safety precaution in parks, storefront areas, private parking lots, and any space that requires protection.

How Can We Use Safety Bollards to Make Our Warehouse More Secure?

Foremost, it is important to assess your space to determine the best placement for the bollards. Areas to consider include the perimeter of any valuable equipment, products, dock doors, and personnel areas. Our bollards are highly visible due to their size and color, but users should ensure that nothing is obscuring the bollards from the line of sight of forklift and pallet truck operators.

What Sizes Do They Come In?

Our safety bollards come in an array of sizes to fit the needs of your specific space and the bollard's intended purpose. We carry safety bollards that range from a height of 36 inches to 48 inches at a variety of diameters. Notably, the diameter and wall thickness of the bollard are what make the bollard sturdier and stronger. The purpose of the bollards will determine what size you should consider. For example, to protect restricted areas from small vehicles like sedans, our 4" x 36-inch bollard would be ideal to effectively curtail vehicles from entering the area. However, since warehouse forklifts are much larger, we recommend using a taller bollard with a larger diameter.

What Colors Does Innoplast Carry?

Innoplast carries yellow safety bollards, along with primed and stainless. Yellow is a highly visible color and is also often associated with caution. It is an industry standard and a color that most individuals will recognize as a safety precaution. 

Are They Easy to Install?

Absolutely! Our bollards are manufactured with a base plate that includes four pre-drilled holes for easy installation. Your installation process will differ depending on the location of the bollards, but we can assist you in evaluating the best approach. 

Where Can I Buy Safety Bollards?

Innoplast sells a variety of safety bollards constructed from carbon steel for maximum effectiveness at affordable prices. Contact us for more information and to secure your purchase today!