Rubber Parking Blocks vs. Plastic Parking Blocks

Parking blocks are an essential safety item for public parking lots and commercial areas. Designed to prevent drivers from rolling onto sidewalks or into other parked cars, Parking Blocks keep drivers and pedestrians safe while reducing damage to curbs and other vehicles in any indoor or outdoor garage, retail, commercial and business parking lot.

Innoplast Parking Blocks are the perfect solution to enhance the safety and organization of parking lots, as they are available in rubber or plastic and can be mounted to concrete or asphalt. While both styles are considerably lighter than concrete, they each bring their own benefits and things to consider when choosing between rubber and plastic parking blocks.

Here’s a breakdown on the advantages of both styles.

Innoplast Rubber Parking Blocks include:

  • Yellow reflective stripes molded into the block to help increase nighttime visibility.
  • A honey combed bottom, engineered to enhance flexibility and easily conform to uneven surfaces and pavement.
  • Light weight material, which keeps the cost of shipping and handling low.
  • Easy installation with predrilled holes to use as guidance. Installation hardware (Lag bolts for concrete application or Spikes for asphalt application) is sold separately.

Innoplast Standard, Deluxe, and Ultra Plastic Parking Blocks include:

  • Chemical and weather resistant material, making them virtually maintenance free as they won't chip, crack or deteriorate from weather or road salts.
  • Availability in 4 colors: yellow, white, blue , or grey. Custom colors are also available with a minimum order.
  • Light weight material, at only 20% the weight of conventional concrete blocks, they will help keep the cost of shipping and handling low.
  • Easy installation with predrilled holes to use as guidance with provided installation hardware.
  • Made from 100% recycled material, which contributes to a cleaner environment.

Spring is the perfect time of year to update your facility and enhance the safety of your workplace. To learn more about how Innoplast can help you prepare, call us at 800-516-9287 or contact us online.

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