Retail Storefront Safety

We continue to see it in the news; cars crashing into retail store fronts.  The reasons vary from operator error, pedal error, DUI and ram-raids.  According to Storefront Safety Council, vehicles crash into stores 60 times a day in the U.S., resulting in more than 4000 injuries per year and as many as 500 fatalities along with massive property damage.


There are a variety of safety improvements you can make as a business owner to help reduce or prevent a vehicle from driving through your building. Some have suggested redesigning the layout of the parking lot so vehicles are not parking in front of the building. This may not be an option for everyone and can be very costly.  Others have suggested large jersey barriers.  Not the most pleasing to the eye and may make the store look like an armed camp, but will do the job.  Another commonly recommended barrier is steel bollards.  Keep in mind there are different ratings on steel and your state may have regulations in place that you will have to adhere to.  Make sure you check your local ordinance before you install to see what is required for your area.  More and more states are starting to put basic standards in place to ensure you are using the proper products.

One of the advantages of using straight steel bollards is that you can cover them with bollard covers.  Bollard covers do not provide the protection you need for your store front, but with the variety of options, you can easily find one that will cover the steel pipe and will match your stores color scheme.

Being proactive is always better than being reactive. It will prevent injury to your loyal customers and will save you money on property damage. Do what you can now to prevent store front crashes.  To learn more about store front safety, visit