Removable Bollard Options for Your Application

It seems removable bollards have been on our customers' minds as of late, so what better time to take a look at what options exist and answer some common questions.

Removable bollards may be the best option for your facility if you need to temporarily block a roadway, permanently block a roadway but allow for emergency vehicle access, or need to protect doors and docks outside of delivery times.

So which bollard choice is right for your application? Let's take a look at the options.

Magnetic vs. embedded

Innoplast offers both a magnetic and embedded bollard. If your installation process is unable to accommodate embedding,  such as a parking deck, a magnetic bollard may be a better option for you. These bollard remove quick and easy with a special tool to break the magnetic seal. Magnetic bollards may also be a good choice if your installation requires a flexible bollard since our Gorilla Posts flex 360 degrees.

removable bollard - gorilla post application

If you're looking for a bollard that creates a flush surface when removed and is light enough for almost any employee to remove, the HDPE removable bollards could be the right choice for your facility.

Helix Lock Removable Bollard

These posts are able to withstand a vehicle impact without shattering and are resistant to corrosion, but are light enough to easily maneuver, less than 20 lbs, when you are in need of changing traffic restrictions.  The embedded portion of the bollard is galvanized steel and will withstand years of use, with a sturdy galvanized cap that creates a flush surface with the pavement and prevents water and debris from entering the receiving portion of the bollard. This bollard would be the right choice for your facility if you need an easy to remove bollard that is able to withstand light vehicle impacts and nasty weather.

But what if you're in the market for something even sturdier? Then a stainless or powder coated steel removable bollard might be your best choice.

stainless steel removable bollard

These two options provide the same embedding options and flush surface when the bollard is removed, but are made from a heavier material able to withstand more force. The steel construction can make them a little more cumbersome to remove due to weight - between 40 and 70 lbs depending on size - but the mechanics of the bollard are just as easy to use.

Fold down vs removable

If the ability to physically remove bollards is a concern for you or your maintenance staff a fold down bollard might be a better choice for your needs. Rather than removing these bollards completely you can simply unlock the padlock and fold the bollard down to permit foot or vehicle traffic. No need to worry about storing bollards when they are removed or accidentally misplacing them when not installed. These fold down bollards are made from durable steel which is able to easily withstand a bump from errant traffic and whatever harsh weather the season can throw at it.

fold down removable bollard

No matter what your requirements there's a bollard out there to serve your needs. But, if the varieties above don't meet your specifications, contact us  and let us see how we can create a custom solution.