Protect High Impact Areas with Safety Bollards

safety bollards for warehouse protection from innoplast

Warehouse aisles where forklifts and pallet trucks typically travel can be prone to low-speed impacts. So, damage is bound to happen. But don't worry, Innoplast safety bollards help reduce damage to structures, equipment and racking!

Highly Visible Solutions Offer Damage Protection

Protect against common warehouse accidents with Innoplast safety bollards. They offer low-speed impact resistance and high visibility to protect your valuable assets. Areas where accident damage may occur include:

  • Equipment and racking inside your warehouse
  • Steel columns and piping
  • Dock doors and surrounding areas on your loading dock
  • Garbage enclosures from a slow-moving garbage truck

Discover our Wide Selection of Safety Bollards

Browse our featured products below to protect your warehouse against impact damage. Our most popular choices include:

And please contact us if you're not sure which safety bollards would be best for your individual applications.