Innoplast Warehouse Safety Products: Proudly Made in the USA

Innoplast is proud to support American manufacturing by producing a wide variety of our products in the USA. Manufacturing in the U.S helps us monitor and quickly address any production issues with our warehouse safety products. By keeping production local, we’re able to reduce transportation costs and lower product prices. It's a win-win for us and our customers!

While affordable prices are high on our priority list, quality products are equally as important. By keeping manufacturing close to home, we’re able to quickly address any quality issues. We make sure that the warehouse safety products our customers receive are the best on the market. Because our manufacturers are nearby, we are able to drop in (and we do!) to ensure that Innoplast products are being produced in safe environments. We don’t just want to help enhance the safety of your facility, we want our products manufactured safely as well. That is why we make sure our manufacturer facilities have safe production practices. Not to mention, local production helps strengthen our community by providing job opportunities for those around us!

A number of our warehouse safety products are manufactured in the U.S, including: Bollard Covers, Plastic Parking Blocks, Plastic Speed Bumps, BumperWrap, Clearance Bars, Column Wrap, Poletector, and more. To check that one of our products was made in the US, click on the 'Specifications' tab in any product listing. We’re proud to manufacture in the US and hope our products make you proud of your facility.