Product Spotlight - Sentry Products

We know that safety is always a top priority for you, our customers, and for a lot of you that means safe warehouse facilities and warehouse equipment are essential for safe warehouse personnel.  Innoplast is excited to offer a product spotlight on our  Sentry Product Line, to help you do just that.

Forklift and tow motor operation can be a big area of safety concern for many warehouse managers. Proper training for new drivers and refresher course for warehouse veterans can go a long way toward preventing accidents and creating a more profitable business by  reducing down time, workers compensation claims, and lost employee hours. But, even the best trained drivers are human and are prone to accidents now and again, that's where we're happy to partner with you to help protect your facility as well as your employees.

Column Sentry is an easy to install, cost effective, and highly visible addition to your warehouse space. The twenty four strategically placed air pockets deflect energy away from the column during tow motor collisions and because the Column Sentry nests into the column flanges there's no side slip when hit from any angle. A vent hole allows air to escape at a controlled rate during a collision providing excellent impact resistance helping to protect both your facility, your equipment, and your employee.

column sentry classic

The Column Sentry can be installed by a single person with the self gripping straps and can easily be removed for maintenance or painting.

If your warehouse has more corners than columns, we've got a Sentry product for that as well.

Corner Sentry Installed

Our Corner Sentry product fits most 90-degree corner applications with a tapered design to create a low profile. The corner guard provides resistance and energy absorption during an impact but retains its shape for continued protection. Corner Sentry is just as easily installed as Column Sentry by securing with available straps, with construction adhesive, or with concrete bolts or screws. Just like Innopast, Sentry Products are committed to creating a safe warehouse and optimal return on investment. Feel free to contact us to learn more about who Sentry Products can enhance your facility.