Poletector Spotlight

Even in the dead of winter you make sure the snow is cleared from vehicles, you're always changing out salt covered door mats, and thinking of ways you can improve your customer experience. You know the value of a well kept facility, both in the eyes of your customers and in the bottom line of your dealership. Your attention to detail shows, telling your customers you're providing top of the line service and they're needs aren't going to fall through the cracks. Your attention to detail isn't limited to the inside of your dealership, and it's for managers like you that we offer Poletector.


Poletector is a polypropylene protective light pole base cover that helps prevent dings and scratches to your vehicles. This cover comes in a set of 4 stackable rings and top cover with custom cut hole specifically for your light post. This round cover will easily fit a variety of base shapes including round, square, pyramid, and can even be made to work for a post with no concrete base. The 1/8" thick cover is light enough to easily maneuver and install, but sturdy enough to stand up to weather and the occasional bump of car doors. The polypropylene base is resistant to staining so no more iron stains from water dripping from above; but when cleaning is required a solution of mild soap and water will quickly do the trick. The fade resistant material provides a long lasting product that reduces long term maintenance costs by eliminating the need to paint, and helping maintain the structural integrity of the base by preventing chipped concrete. Seven stock colors  and custom graphics mean that you can carry your branding all the way to the end of your lot.

Honda poletector

Poletector is the perfect compliment to BollardGard bollard covers for the finishing touch that says "Even the little things are big things to us".

Honda dealership bollard covers