Pedestrian safety

Although the beginning of the school year seems ages away, little signs are popping up all over the place. New notebooks are on display in the stores, all the clothing shops are putting out their best fall fashions, and we're stocking products for increased pedestrian traffic all around your neighborhood.

We think our pedestrian crosswalk signs will be a great addition for your back to school preparations.
pedestrian safety

These, NCHRP-350 approved, signs are constructed from flexible polyethylene that is resistant to UV light, ozone, and hydrocarbons - meaning this sign can stand up to whatever the environment throws at it and still provide years of reliable service.

The double-sided sign effectively warns drivers, from either direction, of pedestrians in the cross walk. If by chance, the sign is struck, the anti-twist reactive spring will return it to its upright position.

With two mounting options, a portable base or a quick release surface mount, there will certainly be a base option that fits your state or local ordinances.

While our pedestrian crossing sign won't replace a crossing guard, it is an additional safety measure to prepare drivers for pedestrians and encourage safe driving behavior. Please be sure to consult your local and state laws regarding whether your crossing sign needs to read yield to pedestrians or stop for pedestrians. While we're able to supply both sets of wording, we are not able to provide advice on local or state laws.

Here's to back to school preparations that are good investments in the safety of our students and our community as a whole!