Parking Lot Maintenance at Educational Facilities

School is out for summer, which means facility maintenance at educational facilities is kicking into high gear. Or perhaps not...

June 15 2016 educational facilities

Educational facilities are quickly being utilized for year round activities. From summer school to community events, our schools are becoming the place to be regardless of the season. And while communities are excited to have more to offer their citizens, facility managers are often left scratching their heads as when to perform maintenance activities that would have previously taken place in the summer.

While some activities, like resurfacing lots or striping may best be moved to after hours or scheduled during holiday breaks, there are a few parking maintenance activities that can easily be scheduled without disturbing summer activities.

Innoplast offers several products that can be installed quickly, relatively quietly, and with minimal disturbance to the planned use of the building. Our BollardGard Bollard Covers  are always quick and quiet to install. Because our covers can be custom cut to size, before they even leave our warehouse, there is no noise or mess when installing. Open the box, put on the gripper tabs, and slide the cover over -- it doesn't get much easier or quicker to step up the appearance of your school without disturbing any activities.

Once your bollard covers are installed you can turn your attention to parking lot signage. Innoplast now offers fixed base Stop and Handicap signs. These flexible signs are installed with four bolts or any two-part epoxy and will be sure to keep the noise down, while your safety rating goes up!

June 15 2016 handicap signs

No matter the circumstances we're here to help make your job the simplest and most efficient possible. You can take a look at our other parking lot products here and leave us a comment on how you schedule your maintenance with increased use of your school facility.