Custom Bollard Covers Take Gas Stations to the Next Level

In the early days of automobiles, fuel stations were just that – stations. A place where you could pull your car up for a quick fill, but not much else. The first drive-in service fuel station was planted in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1913, and since then fuel stations have expanded in size and number. Today, most fuel stations are even connected to their own colorful convenience stores and offer rest for the weary traveler.

Black and White First Drive Through Gas Station with Old Fashioned Car and Man Pumping Gas

If you’re an owner of a fuel station, how do you compete with the 150,000 just like you across the United States? What can you do to encourage motorists to visit your station instead of the one across the street? The price per gallon is a strong deciding factor, but so is your first impression. A bland storefront or damaged pump could deter potential customers.

Innoplast’s bollards and custom bollard covers can help your station stand out from the crowd. Our Permanent Fixed Bollards can protect pumps from damage and are available in different styles and finishes. Parking Blocks and Bollards can help to keep customers safe as they enter and exit your store through the busy lot. Plus, they help to protect your storefront from accidental vehicle damage. We also offer custom bollard covers and wraps to add some flare to your storefront. Choose from a variety of color options or have something made just for you! View photos of our custom bollard covers in action by visiting the gallery.

Whether you need protection for pumps or creative custom bollards for your storefront, Innoplast is here to help make the order process simple! Call us at 800-516-9287 for quality service you can count on.