Innoplast's Reflective Bollard Covers Increase Nighttime Driving Safety

Winter is on the horizon and daylight savings will come to an end on November 5th. This means your 6 am trip to the gym that was bright and sunny all summer now happens in the predawn hours, and that 7 pm trip to the grocery store now happens after sunset.

With an increase in nighttime driving comes a need to be even more vigilant about safety. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, although only a quarter of all driving is done at night more than half of traffic related death occurs during those hours. Driving in these conditions can affect your depth perception, peripheral vision, and even your ability to distinguish color. Add in the decreased visibility from weather conditions like rain and snow and you can see how accidents can occur.

Each of us takes extra care while driving on the highway and even across town, but it's easy to let your guard down once you've reached the parking lot of your destination. Although you may be off the road there are still pedestrians to account for and vehicles moving around the parking lot to be mindful of. Extra hours of low light driving mean those in charge of maintaining facility safety have to take extra precautions to keep everyone safe.

Helping maintain that standard of safety is why we offer a variety of reflective materials on our products. Our bollard covers come standard with two bands of reflective tape, in your choice of colors, to help illuminate the perimeter of your building or provide extra visibility to off limits areas. If by chance our standard reflective doesn’t provide enough visibility for your installation we offer additional high visibility bands to create an even larger reflective area on each of the covers.

Our reflective material isn’t limited to our bollard covers. All of our padded products also include reflective bands, in either red or white, to provide increased visibility in your parking garages. But, perhaps our most useful reflective product for this time of year is the reflective driveway marker. These stakes can be used to mark areas for snow removal as well as highlight the boundaries of driveways and parking lots. The 4.25” reflective band makes them highly visible after dark and in inclement weather. Clearly marking these areas helps keep cars where they belong and drivers and pedestrians safe.  With a little planning you can make the end of daylight savings time a bright spot for safety at your facility.

Increased awareness and increased visibility can be the perfect recipe driving safely in the dark.