National Walk to Work Day - Pedestrian Safety

Although we spend most of our time at Innoplast working on traffic and parking lot safety, we realize that both of those topics also apply to keeping pedestrians safe. As  April 3rd is National Walk to Work Day, we thought today would be a great day to offer some tips to help you enjoy the day to its fullest.

  1. Put down your devices and enjoy your commute. Walking while texting or reading e-mails can be equally as dangerous as driving and using your phone. So take a brief digital break and really take in your morning walk, not only will you have the opportunity to experience your surroundings but you'll be safer too. Keeping your head up and eyes open will help you be aware of vehicle traffic, bicycles sharing your space, and other pedestrians.
  2. Always walk on the sidewalk when available. If a sidewalk is not available choose to walk on the shoulder facing oncoming traffic. Both of these choices will help increase your viability to motorists as well as your safety.
  3. Be sure to watch for vehicles crossing the sidewalk when entering and exiting driveways. Although we often don't expect to encounter motor vehicles when walking on sidewalks it's important to remember that cars and pedestrians share these spaces as vehicles pull in and out of driveways and parking lots.
  4. Utilize safe walking areas behind protective bollards. These bollards often exist to separate designated car, bike, and pedestrian traffic lanes. Make use of these safe spaces to improve the ease of your commute as well as the safety for all types of travelers.
  5. Avoid the use of alcohol - 48% of traffic accidents that resulted in the death of a pedestrian involved alcohol on the part of either the driver or pedestrian.

Take a break from traffic lights and stop and go traffic and get out and enjoy a beautiful spring morning!