National Petroleum Day

In honor of National Petroleum Day, August 27th, we'd like to take a moment to showcase some of the projects from our customers in the petroleum and gas industry.

Thanks to George from Dad & Sons for sending over this great example of how he continues to keep our gas pumps safe from rogue cars, distracted drivers, and all manner of mayhem. And here are some great suggestions about preventing static fires at the pump.

Smashed U-Shaped Pipe Guard Which Protected Gas Pump

U-Shaped Pipe Guard Protecting Gas Pump

And thank you to Tom at Hiltz Propane Systems for a great set of photos showing how they use bollards to protect tanks, valves, and all types of propane operations.

Row of Innoplast Bollard Protecting Hiltz Propane Tank

Innoplast Yellow Bollards Protecting Propane Tanks

Innoplast Bollards Protecting Propane with Propane Emergency Shutoff Sign

It's always a pleasure to help increase the safety of the industry that helps keep America running; from gas in our cars to heat in our homes we're proud to work with those who make it all happen.

Do you have a great installation photo you'd like to share with us? Feel free to leave it in the comments or send it to and maybe we'll feature it in a future post.