Lane Separators for Bike Lanes

Creating a safe cycling environment with multipurpose postsCreating a safe cycling environment is a growing priority for local road departments.  Finding a way to maintain a safe distance between bicycle and vehicle traffic is often top priority.  Posted signage, painted symbols and lane separators are a few of the most common ways the lanes can be marked.

Visual or physical barrier

According to the US Department of Transportation, “in some cases, buffered bicycle lanes are added by providing a visual or even physical barrier between modes of travel (e.g., adding flexible delineators on the lane line between motor vehicles and bicycles.) This further enhances the comfort of the route and may encourage increased usage.”

City's and towns typically have their own aesthetic and local requirements.  It is important to check your local regulations and the Federal Highway Administration's recommends to ensure you are meeting those standards. In your research, you will see the Federal Highway Administration recommends vertical elements in the lane separation rather than only striped lanes.  Innoplast's multipurpose posts can help you meet these vertical requirements.

Flexible Delineators

Innoplast’s multipurpose posts are a flexible delineator that are often used as lane separators in bicycle lanes.  They are available in both quick-release and fixed bases.   A variety of post colors, reflective tape and heights are available.  This vast selection will allow you to accommodate your city, park or local road department requirements.

Multipurpose traffic delineator posts will help you create a safer cycling environment by creating a visual barrier that easily alerts cyclist, motor vehicles and pedestrians.  For guidelines on developing bike lanes in your town, please visit the Federal Highway Administration’s website.  Or if you are looking for a quote or would like to make a purchase, please contact us today.  We are ready to help you mark your bike lane with our multipurpose posts and create a safe cycling environment!