Keeping Your Warehouse Safe

Your warehouse is a facility that holds more than just your products, it holds your employees. With all your most valuable assets in one place, safety should be your top concern. Innoplast offers a variety of options to help protect your products, like rebounding bollards and column protectors, from forklift damage and your employees from injury.

To improve the safety of your facility, the first step is management. A well-managed building is safe, clean, and efficient, which allows for fewer accidents and higher productivity. One way to make sure your facility remains a safe place to work is by doing a walk through of the warehouse. Stroll through the space with a critical eye and identify any potential hazards such as a high-traffic area for forklifts or low clearance areas. You can then reinforce these hazard points with the help of our Sentry Products or  Knuffi Edge Guards.

Man Installing Knuffi Foam Column Protector

Protecting your expensive machinery is also crucial for maintaining your bottom line. Of course, accidents happen, but you can minimize the probability of an accident by taking measures to divert pedestrians from machinery. Installing Slowstop Rebounding Bollards and Guardrails will help to create a safe and separate path for pedestrians in your facility. Slowstop Bollards also protect machinery by preventing it from bumping into a product shelf or wall. See our Slowstop Bollards in action!

Slowstop Rebounding Horseshoe Bollard Around Column Post

At the end of the day, you want to know that your facility and employees are well protected. Innoplast is here to make sure that happens. Our team of professionals will help you through the entire order process, so you can focus on what’s most important. Contact us today at 800-516-9287 to speak with one of our team members!