Innoplast Sets Standard with 5-year Warranty on Bollard Covers

Innoplast offers a 5-year warranty against cracking and fading on its BollardGard™ plastic bollard covers.

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Backed by a 5-year warranty, facility owners and managers don’t have to worry about fading and cracking of their bollard covers and can reduce maintenance expenses.

“Given our product’s performance, we established the 5-year warranty before anyone else to ensure that our customers receive the quality products they deserve,” said Rick Raymond, CEO of Innoplast. “BollardGard protects your facility, minimizing maintenance costs, like painting bollards to protect them and to improve their appearance and visibility.”

The bollard cover protects facilities, increases visibility and reduces maintenance costs.

Innoplast BollardGard™ products are made to last for long service life and lasting color because of the high quality, durable materials, with UV inhibitors.

To learn more about BollardGard™ products, please visit the Innoplast website.