Innoplast Dictionary

With the addition of our FAQ to the blog we thought a handy dictionary of terms might serve our customers as well. Sometimes knowing the right vocabulary can make a world of difference in getting exactly what you need. So here is a short list of frequently used terms and definitions that might make bollard cover ordering just a little simpler:

OD - The outside diameter, usually referring to the pipe that you would like to cover. This is the measurement from the outside of the wall of the pipe straight across to the outside of the opposite side.

ID - The inside diameter. Usually referring to the bollard cover that will cover your pipe. This is the measurement from the inside of one wall to the inside of the opposite wall. This measurement should always be slightly larger than the OD of your pipe.

Schedule - The wall thickness of the steel. You can click here to see a chart

Nominal - Standardized sizing for steel pipe based on diameter and schedule

Above Grade - Height above ground. Usually referring to how much of your steel pipe is exposed.

Have other terms that you think might be useful? Leave us a comment and we'll put them on the list.