Customized Bollards — Innoplast Customer Service Focus

Innoplast highlights the importance of great customer service and relationship building.

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Innoplast offers services to small and large companies. Its customer service staff focuses on taking care of the customers to guarantee product satisfaction and facility protection.

“Customer service is absolutely a priority,” said Brooke Long, Innoplast sales manager. “When we have a customer calling, we want them to know we are there for them, we are going to help them through the entire process and we’re going to make sure we do everything we can do to get their order taken care of.”

Jim Corra, manager of Park Auto Group and an Innoplast customer, said he was very satisfied with Innoplast customer service.

“Very easy to work with and very helpful along the way,” he said. “They educated us quite a bit through the process.”

Innoplast accommodates its customers' needs and no demand is too large or too small.

Backed by its 5-year warranty, Innoplast ensures high quality products at an affordable price with an exceptional job servicing their customers. Innoplast also offers customized bollards to fit customer's needs.

Great customer service leads to relationships and loyalty.

Contact Innoplast for any questions or concerns.