Innoplast Custom Clearance Bars

If you are looking to enhance the safety measures of your facility, Clearance Bars are the answer.

Clearance Bars are an effective way to keep warehouses, car washes, drive thrus, valet carports, parking garages and other low clearance applications safe year-round, as they alert motorists of height restrictions and provide drivers direction to help prevent accidental collisions.clearance bars

While safety is key, personalization is also important to the culture of your organization. Which is why, along with offering a wide range of ClearanceGard Clearance Bars and Economy Clearance Bars, Innoplast offers custom logo and messaging for products – including clearance bars!

Custom-designed clearance bars enhance your facility as they provide personalization and a perfect fit to your needs. Not only can you choose from 13 ClearanceGard colors (red, white, orange, yellow, blue, grey, tan, brown, green, light grey, bright green, federal yellow, or black) to match your existing color scheme, you can choose from 2 diameters, specify the length up to 12’ and add a custom message or clearance height. The Economy Clearance bar is another option, only available in yellow and various lengths up to 20’. Custom messaging is made from durable 3M material, and includes letters that are available in reflective or non-reflective material so they are clear, visible and increase safety.

Lead time for custom clearance bars is typically 1 week – but don’t wait to begin the process of spicing up your facility and making your message clear with Innoplast Custom Logo and Messaging!