Improve Your Curb Appeal with Innoplast's Decorative Bollard Covers

First impressions do matter.  A clean bright storefront can make all the difference.  According to the Retail Customer Experience Report 95% of shoppers say the exterior appearance will influence where they decide to shop.   52% of customers have avoided a business altogether because it looked unappealing and dirty from the outside.  These statements reflect a wide range of industries, from restaurants to big-box stores. The fact is, your curb appeal could be impacting your company’s bottom line.

With numbers like these, you should think about what your storefront is saying about you. Is it inviting and presenting your company in a positive fashion? Or is it dirty and turning customers away? Will passersby talk about your store in a favorable way when they are speaking with friends?

There are many things you can do to improve your storefront’s exterior appearance so customers do not pass you by.

We have compiled a list of things that will help get you started on improving your curb appeal.

  • pick-up the trash on the ground
  • empty the trash cans, do not let the trash overflow
  • update your landscaping
  • pressure wash the storefront
  • resurface the parking lot
  • wash the stores windows
  • replace lightbulbs so the store is well lit, customers will feel safer at night
  • cover rusty bollards that are protecting the storefront

Covering rusty bollards is Innoplast’s specialty. The large variety of sizes and colors make it easy to instantly improve your storefront.  Whether you are looking for a bright bollard cover color to give your storefront extra pizazz or a granite-like decorative cover to give it a more elegant look, we have options to fit your needs and help you cleanup and improve your storefront so customers do not turn away.

Source: Retail Customer Experience report, Shoppertrack, Matworks