How Do You Install A Bollard Cover?

A frequently asked question is, how do you install a bollard cover?

How do I install my bollard cover - Gripper Tab Installation

So, how do you install a bollard cover?  Our most recommended installation for your bollard cover is with our patented gripper tabs.  This method will secure the bollard cover to your post by creating an interference between the bollard cover and the post.  The gripper tabs get applied to your post with the “fingers” facing down, so if someone were to try to remove the bollard cover it would make it more difficult to remove.  Detailed steps are listed below.

Gripper Tab Installation Step by Step

For standard sized steel posts or pipes, use our patented gripper tabs for easy and secure installation.

Step 1 – Peel the backing from one gripper tab and press it on your post with the fingers facing down.

Step 2 – Repeat this process, evenly spacing 2-4 gripper tabs around the top and bottom of your post.

Step 3 – Slide the bollard cover over the top of your post and admire a job well done.

How do I install my bollard cover -Foam Installation

An alternate way to install your bollard cover is with foam strips.  For BollardGard bollards, this method is typically used when you have an odd size pipe you are trying to cover with a standard sized bollard cover.  For example, if you were trying to cover a 3” nominal steel pipe with our 4” bollard cover you would want the foam strips for the installation.  The foam strips provided are larger than the amount of space that you need to fill between the pipe and the bollard cover.  This allows the pieces of foam to compress down as you slide the bollard cover over the steel pipe, concrete bollard or wooden post.

Foam Installation Step by Step

If you have a square or other oddly shaped post, follow the steps for foam installation.

Step 1 – Lay the first piece of foam over your post so that the ends are even.

Step 2 – Lay the second piece of foam over the first so that the two pieces make an “X”.

Step 3 – Slide the bollard cover over the top of your post.

If you have additional questions on how to install your bollard cover, please feel free to watch our installation video or call us at 800-516-9287 and we will gladly walk you through it over the phone!