Storefront Crashes and Bollard Protection

Do you have a high turn-over business such as a convenience store, salon, or gas station? Does it have nose-in parking? Did you know that those two factors combine to create the greatest vulnerability to store front crashes? A recent study by Texas A&M Transportation Institute estimates that approximately 20 of these storefront crashes occur everyday, adding up to 7,300 crashes a year. Just under 50% come from simple peddle errors made by drivers. A disproportionate number of these crashes are caused by drivers under 20 and those 70 and older;  it seems we can only expect the number of these incidents to rise as a baby boomers begin to age into senior citizenship and our young drivers are increasingly distracted while behind the wheel.  Despite the majority of these collisions being accidents, an increasing number are being attributed to smash and grab robberies, like this one.

So how do you protect your business and customers from accidents like these?


The National Safety Council advises that installing barriers or bollards could save upwards of 6.6 million dollars in damages per year, which doesn't begin to account for the lives saved or the medical expenses for those injured during these accidents. This small investment can make a world of difference.

So what should you know about installing steel at your facility? First things first, check your city and state standards. These can very greatly from place to place, and you'll want to ensure that your bollard installation is suited to your soil composition and climate.The ASTM standards are another great place to help determine what type of bollard will be best suited to your specific facility and environmental factors. These sources can also provide you with information regarding bollards for other areas of your facility such as electrical boxes, propane tanks, and garbage collection stations.

Once you've gathered the information from your city or state and read the ASTM standards take a look at our 5 tips for ordering steel bollards.  We're now stocking 6 5/8"  and 4 1/2" OD schedule 40, primed steel, in 7 foot lengths. We're always looking for ways to help improve the safety of our customers' facilities and with our expanded warehouse we're now able to house more items and get them to you quicker. Don't let your facility become part of these statistics.

Do you have tips to share about how you use bollards to protect your facility? We'd love to hear how you're keeping your buildings, customers, and employees safe.