How and Where to Use Delineator Posts

There are many different ways to use our delineator posts.  For instance, they are commonly used for lane separation to guide traffic and pedestrians at amusement parks, sports venues, airports, and car washes amongst many other places.  They are great for warning pedestrians and vehicles in construction areas too. The different colors help communicate with drivers and pedestrians in the different applications.  For example, orange is used to warn in constructions areas, whereas white or yellow are commonly used in roadways and parking garages. The different bases and installation methods make it easy to find something that will work just about anywhere.  Permanent fixed bases are great for roadways and parking garage lanes, whereas the quick release is ideal for temporarily closing areas at amusement parks and sports venues.


Delineators are typically installed on the ground, but one area you may not have thought of is the ceiling.  I know, this might not be the first place you think of when installing your delineator post, but it seems to be working well in this parking garage.  This unique application is being used to prevent drivers from taking the corner to sharp and hitting the parked car on the end of the row.  Hanging the post from the ceiling leaves it in the driver’s line of vision, helping it stand out so the driver does not take the corner to sharp and can easily avoid hitting the parked car.

No matter your unique situation, delineators are a great way to guide traffic and pedestrians to ensure their safety. For more information regarding our variety of delineators and bases please visit our website at