Franchise Branding with Innoplast Bollard Sleeves

Franchise branding gives you the consistency and quality that your customers easily recognize and expect. A franchise provides an established product or service which may already enjoy widespread brand-name recognition. This gives the franchisee the benefits of a pre-sold customer base which would ordinarily take years to establish.  According to the International Franchise Association, a franchise increases your chances of business success because you are associating with proven products and methods. A national poll shows that 76% have a favorable opinion of family-owned franchises, so maintaining brand consistency is very important.

Innoplast’s BollardGard bollard covers are a great product to help with brand consistency.  The 13 stock colors make it easy to find something that will work for you.  Not only will the bollard covers help with brand consistency, but they will install easily by sliding them over the steel pipe that is installed in front of your store, kiosk, gas pump or drive thru. The steel pipe is in place to protect against cars damaging your property and the colorful bollard covers are to help your brand image stay consistent. Examples of bollard covers being used for brand consistency are shown below. Call us at 800-516-9287 if you would like us to find a color combination for you!

Fifth Third



Franchise Branded Bollards